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Corporate Social Responsibility

Educate a child, change a life

Through Maono Safaris Tours and Travel School Sponsorship Programme, Maono Safaris helps children who might not otherwise be able to afford a quality education, placing these vulnerable children in reputable boarding schools with the help of kind-hearted Maono Safaris travelers. The sponsored children get an emotional boost knowing that someone cares about them, and it provides them with a sense of hope and inspiration that they’ve never had before.

The funny thing is, it works both ways.

Our sponsors have long reported that the emotional boost for them is just as powerful…that their own sense of hope and inspiration increases a thousandfold once they get to know their sponsored children. Watch this inspiring video…then click “Sponsor a Child” below to learn more about how easy and joyful it is to sponsor a child.



Recognizing that education has the power to transform lives, the East Africa Partnership founded the Dick Grace Scholarship in 2003.  The program has helped dozens of students graduate from high school and university, allowing them to support their families and give back to the program and their communities. Continuing to grow, the program now supports nearly 40 deserving students.

We've also made the commitment that all of our sponsored children in our Homes will be able to progress in school as far as their desire and ability takes them, so each year we will be adding 10-20 new students to the program.
If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is only $48 per month. Yes. We encourage you to give additional monetary gifts for special occasions, to address specific needs, or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way for you to reinforce your care and commitment to your sponsored child.


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